Three CEO’s of major petroleum corporations bought a full page in our provincial paper to claim “ A healthy Canadian oil and natural gas industry is vital in leading the way to a lower carbon future.”  They may be quite right, but the production of oil and gas is not the main cause of the “ carbon present or future”. It is the consumption of goods and services that causes the consumption of oil and gas that causes the carbon problem. We must export oil and gas to provide foreign funds to pay for imports. We burn Canadian and foreign oil and gas to satisfy our transportation and other goods and services decisions.


There are several ways to reduce consumption of oil and gas. We could ration it like we did during WW2. That war was a lower incentive to reduce consumption than the climate change we face today. And,  we could increase the cost of oil and gas as an incentive to reduce the use of oil and gas. Just cease charging income tax on wages and replace it with a tax on carbon instead. The money required from taxation would still be met by taxpayers, but  in ways that benefit our climate, and economy. We could impose foreign exchange controls and import taxes to create government revenue and to reduce imports and to reduce the necessity to export oil and gas. Also, shrinking the volume of oil and gas production would free up investment and labour for more green energy production.


 To prevent such policies, corporations, financial sector and the very rich of our population, will spend more to elect more puppets to Parliament who would continue to ignore the adverse plight of our earth. The alternative is for the 90% of us to vote for representatives that will focus on policies and regulations to benefit our climate here and worldwide.