This Web Site represents years of experience and, in recent years, over 10,000 hours of research and study. The mass media and social media provides an endless accumulation of opinions of what is wrong with Government economic and social policies of Western Democracies, including Canada. Much of what is wrong for most Canadians stems from policies that are quite irrational for the majority of Canadians but quite rational for the rich few. We do not need to be economists to realize the difference between the rational and irrational policies. Or between good and bad.

Most Canadians do not remember the depression, World War II or the “Golden Years” that ended 50 years ago. That was when a financial economy replaced our industrial economy. That was when the pencil pushers took control from the producers and substituted “financial engineering” for real engineering. They increased the money supply to create financial bubbles without value. The financial sector which produces no real value, ended productive capitalism and directed economic growth to the top small percent of citizens. They reduced the income tax on the richest by 38% and raised the tax on the middle class by 18%.

Canadians must be encouraged to read, and think about public policy concepts. Canadians must realize that 90% of them who have been economically weakened, have the majority power to vote for change. Those who read the material of this website should encourage all others to do the same. Before this crusade to understand our economic, taxation, monetary and fiscal policies the author, as was most Canadians, uninformed. We were not, and are not, provided the true facts. Readers are urged to comment, criticize, disagree, get angry, but mostly “think” about policy alternatives, and vote based on rational policies. And, do not forget, we are voting for our children and future generations, as well as ourselves.

The creation of the material herein cost personal time and money, both of which are running low. To inform more Canadians will require much help to spread the word and make sure candidates and Members of Parliament know what has gone wrong and how to change the policies to rationality. Please make the effort to read, reply with comments and if you see fit offer to help publish and distribute the book. Also please contact and urge mass media reporters and editors to read and comment.