Saltwire Network News Questions


Saltwire Network news placed invited answers by subscribers about the election campaign. The questions and my answers follow:


Question: What are the top 3-5 expectations that you have for your Prime Minister ?



My expectations from the party leaders is that they will all continue the failed neoliberal policies that have turned our economy into a financial oligarchy. Private debt and asset prices are at bigger bubbles than before the Great Depression.  I expect that taxation policies will continue to penalise work and production and favour the wealthiest. They will continue to sell off Canadian productive assets to foreign interests in order to support trade deficits. The party leaders will continue to have government borrow from the private sector at interest instead of having the Bank of Canada create the money. The party leaders will continue to allow imports without tax while  Canadian goods and services must bear all costs of our government and society. I expect that our elected representatives will remain economically illiterate. 



Question: What about the party platforms makes you uncomfortable or uncertain?



 I am uncomfortable with the platforms that merely tinker with failed policies instead of at least offering basic changes for consideration. I am uncomfortable to wonder if their failure to make basic change is lack of knowledge and ability or more nefarious reasons.



Question:What is motivating you to vote on Oct. 21 ?




 My motivation to vote is the chance of a minority Government or, better yet, the defeat of the two parties who have performed so poorly for fifty years.